Do not employ, work for or rent housing to Ryan Jensen of Vancouver BC Canada.

Ryan Jensen has stolen $130 from TWO different people who are on medical disability and thus Ryan Jensen cannot be trusted. See photo evidence.
This page will be updated if and when this debt is paid plus interest.

Purple Crow recording - Ryan Jensen steals from two PWD - Unpaid bills and rent - Oct 1 2016
Link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/t0rdl8 - DL and play the MP3.
This data refreshed on: November 18 2016.
This debt to us both remains unpaid (un-returned) to us by Ryan Jensen. Karma's gonna get ya.

Ryan Jensen was legally evicted from his former residence in Vancouver BC on October 1st 2016 by the Residential Tenancy Branch of the BC government for failure to pay rent on time three times consecutively during his tenancy and is witnessed on PUBLIC record stating "I don't care what the owner says (or my previous agreement with you both), I don't want to pay rent until I get back there after the 1st (Oct), I'm not even in town right now anyway, I'm in Kelowna with my family." See photo evidence.

Ryan smokes a lot of marijuana, almost constantly, but he is also an occasional heavy drinker.

His FaceBook page is: https://www.facebook.com/gunnar.xavier

He works at "Urban fare" downtown Vancouver BC. http://www.urbanfare.com/store/yaletown

Be not a cancer upon the Earth; Karma owns your soul; never mess with Karma or the witches that steer energy with thought; it only appears as chaos to the uninitiated; we can forgive but we never forget; your lack of honour is witnessed public information, true and provable in any court world wide.

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