Child sex scandal in Second Life - Thibaud's "Little Playground"

The place is constantly on the move and probably had other names before recent events but recently they've kept the name constant. No doubt this will change soon after the release of this report.

Note that this single issue has been rampant in Second Life for over a decade and there are many other reports about this everywhere from those found through PasteBin to main stream media news reports.

This data was handed to this reporter by a few sources.


Attention Linden Labs! (Michael Linden, Jaida Linden, Torley Linden, Derrick (derrick.linden), Dee Linden)

Some place to watch closely! "Thibaud's". Staff there actively protect child avatars who harass guests using their erect penis to get people reported and banned! Signs of 'inner circle' cult style organized crime pedophile activity.

Thibaud's staff that were present are: Si Seaside & Rachael Setzer

Firstly see other Linden Labs report titled "motherman5 AKA Paulie Pastrami" - Troll attacking Jews - hate crimes. (See image below)

After that I got attacked by several new (zero day to 15 day old) accounts for complaining to Thibaud's staff about him.

Public chat logs from witnesses present:

Thibaud's on 10/16/16 - Child av, male 7 days old - MUTED
[01:21]  Lannasalmon: woow hot:D
[01:31]  Tiernan McLaglen: And who are you then?
[01:32]  Lannasalmon: i cam back my friend just want to show me a boring sim
[01:32]  Tiernan McLaglen: But WHO are you?
[01:32]  Lannasalmon: a boy i saw you
[01:32]  Tiernan McLaglen: Blank profile 7 days old.
[01:33]  Lannasalmon: im a risk junky
[01:33]  Tiernan McLaglen: I am not.
[01:33]  Lannasalmon: i run nude as my kid ava in publick and get band that why i have a new profil
[01:33]  Lannasalmon: acound*
[01:33]  Tiernan McLaglen: Hmmmm.
[01:34]  Tiernan McLaglen: So you come to Thibaud's to..... IM me and call me hot?
[01:34]  Lannasalmon: xD i was ther and see you stiffy
[01:34]  Tiernan McLaglen: Impossible.
[01:34]  Tiernan McLaglen: You didn't even read my profile.
[01:34]  Lannasalmon: i naver do^^
[01:35]  Tiernan McLaglen: Read it now.
[01:35]  Lannasalmon: im to lazy:D

Thibaud's on 10/16/16 - Child Av, female 8 days old - MUTED
[01:20]  Tiernan McLaglen: Hello there.... you're right next to me... why?
[01:27]  EmnaChenoah: sorry, was afk. its the best place near you
[01:28]  Tiernan McLaglen: Why me?
[01:28]  EmnaChenoah: you look dangeros
[01:28]  Tiernan McLaglen: And you like that?
[01:29]  EmnaChenoah: yes
[01:29]  Tiernan McLaglen: 8 days old huh?  (blank profile too)
[01:30]  EmnaChenoah: i know. must write some in my profil
[01:30]  Tiernan McLaglen: Yes.
[01:30]  Tiernan McLaglen: And age a while... like a good wine.

Note:  Same time as other trolls present.

[01:49]  Tiernan McLaglen: Er..... wtf? :/
[01:49]  Tiernan McLaglen: Dangerous.
[01:50]  Tiernan McLaglen: Kinda blocking my view of my friend whom I'm chatting with there.
[01:54]  Tiernan McLaglen: Lanna....... seriously........
[01:54]  Tiernan McLaglen: No thanks.
[01:55]  Tiernan McLaglen: I don't know you.
[01:55]  Tiernan McLaglen: Please don't scare my friends off like this.
[01:56]  Tiernan McLaglen: WTH man?
[01:57]  Tiernan McLaglen: My god, so many IMs from 7 day old accounts tonight. Grrr.
[01:58]  Rachael Setzer: this is a newbie friendly place
[01:58]  Tiernan McLaglen: Not hard dicks in my back.
[01:58]  Tiernan McLaglen: nope.
[01:58]  Tiernan McLaglen: I said no 3 times already to him.
[01:58]  Rachael Setzer: mute him
[01:59]  Tiernan McLaglen: I did, he wont leave me or my firends alone.
[01:59]  Rachael Setzer: they should also mute him
[01:59]  Tiernan McLaglen: He stands next to us all HARD!
[01:59]  Rachael Setzer: derender him
[01:59]  Tiernan McLaglen: I'm not getting banned for this.
[01:59]  Tiernan McLaglen: He can take pix of someone else.
[01:59]  Rachael Setzer: you seem intent on getting somebody banned today
[02:00]  Tiernan McLaglen: I'm going by the TOS
[02:00]  Rachael Setzer: when did everybody get so precious
[02:00]  Tiernan McLaglen: I just don't like being attacked.
[02:00]  Tiernan McLaglen: Or threatened.
[02:00]  Tiernan McLaglen: That's all I ask. Is that OK?
[02:00]  Rachael Setzer: stop trying to cause trouble
[02:00]  Tiernan McLaglen: WTF?
[02:00]  Tiernan McLaglen: Seriously?
[02:01]  Tiernan McLaglen: I'm not sticking my little boy dick into other people's faces after being told not to.
[02:01]  Tiernan McLaglen: I'm not riding a Jew around and laughing at their race like that other dude was.
[02:01]  Tiernan McLaglen: Man, I'm fine just relaxing here.
[02:01]  Rachael Setzer: relax then
[02:01]  Tiernan McLaglen: You're staff.
[02:02]  Tiernan McLaglen: You think that's cool?
[02:02]  Rachael Setzer: yeah but i'm shit at my job
[02:02]  Rachael Setzer: i don't see any of this stuff you're complaining about

*** In other words: Both Rachael Setzer and Si Seaside of Thibaud's SIM on Second Life DO NOT care about adhering to 
the TOS of the entire Second Life server! ***

Time to LEAVE this shit behind and move on!

Do not place your name there by attending that location or spending any money while there or by 'donating' to them or 
other such places!  Linden Labs staff can be 1 single invisible pixel and watch you and you could be dragged into
their recent mass bannings that have been taking place this year starting this summer, 2016.  LL can also read every
text you've ever shared, both publicly and through "private IMs" - They do this to verify all reports and claims for 
verification.  This is why encryption through their server has been 'banned' - They want to know everything about
everyone.  There have been past scandals such as the kind Noligan Nino, a former InfoHub owner, exposed where even
certain Linden Labs staff were busted pretending to be 'new accounts' to troll and attack people they didn't like, for
whatever personal reasons they had at the time.  Noligan of course refused to work for them after that and LL dropped
a 'nuke' on his SIM named 'Hyles InfoHub' and years later you can still see the crater it left as a reminder to anyone
else who talks back to Linden staff members after exposing their hypocrisy.  You'd find it most interesting to also read
the following page on just how deep this 'rabbit hole' goes...

Oct 21 update:

Thibaud's staff freaking out over their public chat being witnessed.

(11:04:56)  Si Seaside: REALLY?
(11:08:06)  Si Seaside: and by copy and pasting the shit in a letting/ note.. you have also gone against TOS
(11:08:16)  Si Seaside: letter(
(11:08:51)  Si Seaside: and if youi must know, yes i was there... but i was also AFK.. so dont get me involved in this shit
(11:09:33)  Tiernan McLaglen: Tell that to those in public chat who copied public chat to other people. (Not against TOS)  :)

*** The place has been shut down and/or moved once again. Perhaps their name will change this time. ***
You could contact Rachael Setzer or Si Seaside to find out.

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Mirror: http://pastebin.com/aAakUC7j