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All data presented here has been sent to us to help WARN the general public about this known criminal and is not liable or slander because it's all true and can be proven in a court of law... which all of his victims hope to do soon enough. They are finally gathering evidence as a group and organizing against this monster!

IMPORTANT UPDATES contained throughout this page as of March 28th 2019 which include multiple rape charges along with mental abuse of many PWD and trans/gay people in Vancouver BC!!!

Kevin Priegnitz has stolen $1700 from a female room-mate who is on medical disability and used that money to DITCH her and everyone else and leave her on the street!

The land lord showed up today (March 25th 2019) and informed us that Kevin Priegnitz has NOT paid last month's rent and is indeed DITCHING the place in a horrible condition and his damage deposit won't even cover it. See photographic proof. Kevin Priegnitz owes the land lord over $2000 overdue rent!

Kevin has showed up several times before using this van, so it's either his or someone he knows really well. Kevin has been seen DRINKING A BEER while driving this vehicle which endangers the lives of EVERYONE INNOCENT! Plate number is HK3 670 (or 67C).

If you are a past tenant or 'old friend' of Kevin Priegnitz and want to remain connected and updated (both ways), feel free to contact Purple Crow (TOH LPC) directly by email or through social media websites ...
...and be sure to communicate with the Vancouver Collective Houses Network about your experiences!

UPDATES!!! March 28th 2019. Rape charges and mental abuse of PWD charges from many victims city wide!

Hand writing of Kevin Priegnitz.

Kevin Priegnitz ABANDONING yet another house after STEALING thousands of dollars from PWD and his own landlord!

The car of Kevin Priegnitz.

Kevin Priegnitz has so many public enemies that they have ended up sharing this page with his current employer.

All UNCENSORED data and many more unlisted details about Kevin Priegnitz are on file with several people in several locations for everyone's safety and protection.

More Kevin Thunderfoot 'adventures' from previous months...

Kevin STEALS tenants' freezer and damages it in alley then abuses victims.

(Mirrored from several other media pages published months ago)

While I'm out my roomie gets a free small freezer for us since Kevin doesn't want us using the one left for everyone to use at the house here. They leave it by the other freezer in the garage temporarily with all of Kevin's bikes (garage could store 2 cars in size), with the intent to test it later to make sure it's good before moving it all the way into our lower suite.

Later they find our new freezer THROWN ON ITS SIDE IN THE BACK ALLEY and ready to be STOLEN! No idea how long it was there for!

Kevin hears us moving our freezer temporarily back into the shared garage (as written on our contract) and he comes down and says "Ummm, so, like... uhhh, I was gonna ask you... ummm... about that... and... what are you planning..." Can you believe this guy?! Gonna ask?! NO! you DIDN'T ASK ANYONE ANYTHING like you ALWAYS DO Thunderfoot!!! You just do whatever the fuck you want to other people (and your ex GF has many charges against you that are criminal) and then play the IDIOT dumb ass passive-aggressive card and pretend you're so 'nice' by saying things in writing like "I'm 5 times more tolerant than anyone else would be under the circumstances" and "I don't care about your disability, you're a horrible person for even mentioning it, you're just using that as leverage to get your way." (etc). Kevin Thunderfoot is an asshole manipulator and far FAR worse according to others, not just our first hand experience with him living above us.

Note: Review all other data up to this point for a harsh brutally honest subjective perspective.

Theft and intent to damage other people's personal property is a criminal offense!

We warned Kevin that if ANY of our personal property at any time is ever damaged or even moved by him or any of his sublets for any reason, the police will be called and we'll be pressing charges.

We're all putting this on the public record without publishing his full legal name or photos... We hope this warning will be FULLY heeded whether we proceed with legal charges or not. His ex can speak for themselves about their direct personal experiences with Thunderfoot. (Nerve Salad on TwitLand). Obviously PC is not afraid to be honest about such abuse in their life and refuses to hide the facts about their attacker (Dr's orders to speak freely).

And that's also what it's like to have Kevin Thunderfoot living above you as a neighbour.

(Again, see previous posts about what he's done to us so far - would you #employ or #rent to this person?! He says he's lost 9 homes in only 4 years... THAT MAKES PERFECT SENSE!)

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Craigslist post by Kevin Priegnitz: "Inexpensive Bike Work, Same Day Service On Most Jobs, $25 Tune-ups! - $25 (Vancouver)"
Old link: https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/bop/d/inexpensive-bike-work-same/6645805187.html
He works out of the garage out back... when it's open. Lives up stairs - shared accomodations - Lower tenants might press charges if he acts up ever again!


Previous evidence with witnessed audio proof: Listen to this to believe it!


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Kevin Priegnitz is absolutely HATED by more than just his abused ex partner it seems! He says he's lost 9 homes in 4 years! Gee we wonder why.