Michy Broede and Colton "Brayko" (Vancouver BC Furries) are CRIMINAL THIEVES and LIARS without honour.

$600 of unpaid rent that they both PROMISED to pay ON TIME and instead ran off without paying risking ALL TENANTS at the same time! Personal friends are having to cover for us due to their criminal negligence.

Colton's last name sounds like "Brayko", and he is only 20 and lives with his mother. Michy is 35 years old, 350 pounds and 6 foot tall and likes to wear children's clothes and diapers and has MS. His birthday is Dec 12 1983. Both call themselves 'Furries'.

This is Michy's self-depiction from the BC Furries forum in Vancouver. http://www.bcfurries.com/forum/index.php?topic=8007.msg103018#msg103018

(2013) "Heyo :3 Name's Michy or Mich nice to meet ya. I be one of the Vancouver Island residents currently residing in Nanaimo. I am a leopard spotted purple fennec. I am very easy to get along with and always up to making new friends. If ya have any questions about me please ask, I am not shy :3"
Which as you can tell is total falsehood.
"-acks as he is glomped- Well hello there :P thank you a lot of people like the pattern on my fur and the colour"
The imaginations these man-children 'furries' have is pathetic at best and mentally dangerous at worst, including criminal in the case of their perpetual self-entitlement costing others in this report $600 dollars.

Most of these 'furries' don't give a fuck about anyone but THEMSELVES (self-entitlement) and act like passive-aggressive OPPORTUNISTIC VIRUSES rather than grown men.

A day after they ran off with $600 rent money:

[3:49:12 PM] CD: When is Colton due?
[5:55:40 PM] LR: At 5:40 I left a voice message on Colton's cell phone saying he can come by this evening to pay the $150 minimum owed so we don't lose our home (since a friend is covering for their non-payment) and that the home owner is picking rent up tomorrow AM at 11, but he can drop off tomorrow some time as well. His number is: 778 387 1316 (verified) Rogers mobile
[7:14:37 PM] LR: Colton's MOTHER just called to threaten you and me both with going after the owner's 'name' and claiming we're ripping those two motherfuckers off and our rent isn't really $1500 and what not, and claimed they have 'no contract' with us and can 'do whatever they want', etc. (The Residential Tenancy Branch disagrees with them, "Even if a landlord doesn’t prepare one, the standard terms of a tenancy agreement still apply" - Legal proof they are criminals). Colton's MOMMY INSISTED I provide (my friend who's helping us recover from this disaster's) full legal name and the name of the owner of our private home which I manage legally. She refused to provide her name and so I told her she has no further business asking me private personal questions through the telephone. Colton's mother then stated they are not going to pay us what's DUE ($600 total, $150 minimum so we all don't lose our homes), so I'm starting that web-page about who they are and what they've done for the whole internet to find whenever their search terms come up. The bitch 'mommy' was actually yelling at me for not doing exactly what she says regarding my private data! No wonder her son's so fucked up. The statistics regarding single mothers rearing children are true. Feminist facts - Impacts on children and society
[7:14:59 PM] LR: Colton's mother's phone number is: 604 582 6899 (verified) Surrey BC, Telus Inc Michy's email is: michybroede@outlook.com Michy's Skype is rainbow_wally Michy's phone number (updated later when others provide more data).

Michy even threatened to push me down my front concrete stairs as he shoved his way past me at the front door as he yelled at me "Get out of my way or you'll get knocked down!" and moved random things back out of the room after only 1 and a half months here. Michy could not even remember to flush the toilet and left crap for other tenants to 'discover' many times. They never cleaned up after themselves unless they were directly asked to do so every time even though they were using our dishes and tables (etc). Man-child, man-children, either way, disgusting behavior.

THIS is what FURRIES are typically like. How much more proof you need they are NOT to be trusted?!
They LIE and ABUSE and set people up behind their backs!

A 35 year old man of 350 pounds and 6 feet tall dressing up in little boy's clothing and diapers and calling himself a 'Baby Furry' who's dating a 20 year old guy who still lives with his mother who makes telephone calls for him... and you thought you'd heard it all.

Do NOT do business with or live with these people!!! They are CRIMINALS and LIARS and have the most fucked up habits you could imagine. Do not hire or have a job with them (for reasons above). They are an occupational hazard.

This page will be updated as other details arrive.

And now several friends have a RECORDING of our land owner stating on the record that we are permitted to sublet as she asks "How are the new tenants working out?" LEGALLY WITNESSED!


To: IO (Fox/Wolf) 2/27/2016 7:55 PM

Your friend Michy (and Colton) refused to pay their agreed rent as subletors (legally witnessed by D____ and others) and have ditched our home risking ALL OF US losing our home due to their DISHONOURABLE DISGUSTINGLY SELFISH behavior. $600 UNPAID and then sending Colton's MOTHER to call me and THREATEN US ALL claiming (falsely) that D____ and I are not being honest about the rent here ($1500!!!). $500 each and THEIR OFFER of $600 ($300 each ONLY, dirt cheap for upper floor of a massive house) was their idea and we accepted it. Michy and Colton ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!! They LIE, the STEAL, they ABUSE, they use others to THREATEN people's private lives!!! You deserve to know the TRUTH and I am willing to do more than just inform you shortly if Colton doesn't at least pay $150 as HE PROMISED TO OUR FACES he would by TOMORROW! CASH. Pass it on or not, but everyone will know by Tuesday (March 1 2016) if they fail. R____ and K____ will be here in our home soon and they are PISSED OFF at Michy and Colton's ABUSE of us here!

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