The Church of Akakor

Established in 2002, The Church of Akakor is a liberated Pagan community of free spirits in the Province of British Columbia, Canada. The group is currently not open to the public but was for a brief while in the past. However, the head priest, Reverend Lord Purple Crow, is available for private consultation and is a legally recognized ordained Pagan Minister of the ULC.

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Universal Life Church Ordination Date September 20, 2012.

Reverend Lord Purple Crow supports the following freedom of beliefs and lifestyle arrangements with love and joy:

Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered and Two-Spirited marriages.
For those of the age of consent to freely express and legally marry under M/s D/s (BDSM) lifestyle arrangements.
Polyamorous community living.
Progessive natural family nudism.
Private individual family sovereignty and self-rule in peace beyond external impositions.
Your free will to be yourself, even if we don't agree with it personally.

Reverend Lord Purple Crow offers peer counseling services for those with heavy hearts, especially relating to the above situations. This service is offered with love and compassion - donations optional.

Reverend Lord Purple Crow is an alternative community developer and leader as well as an alternative fuel business developer of which they are president. They are a former paranormal investigator (25 years) and continues their freelance investigative journalist networking (private consultation only). They are a lifetime vegetarian of over 45 years, a healthy natural nudist, an audio artist and digital audio editing genius. Reverend Lord Purple Crow is Praegender and their full legal title is Their Omnipotent Highness Lord Purple Crow (C-16, Canada).

Please keep your E-mails brief yet detailed for initial contact and await a reply. Including a telelphone number and best days and times to call you are most helpful. Thank-you.