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February 28 2018
Photo by Matt Deakin
Drone Image - Water and Rock
Chaotic Resonance David Lynch

NEWS! March 2 2018: Really good meeting with land lord and agent today regarding the house issue relating to Thunderfoot and other issues. These are two really great people to know and I'm happy to get to know them, even over these silly issues other people thrust into my life.

We'll see how things change in the coming days but I have a good feeling and developing connection with the land lord and agent. This helps us all in a good way and there's hope once again in my new home. Again, let's see what changes for the better.

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. ~Plato~

Great art should always question, unsettle, render anew the magical multiplicity of the world we inhabit. ~cEVIN Key~

There is no man more free than the one who doesn't concern himself what society thinks of him. ~Lord Reptoid~

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50% of the time: Ambient mode begins about 11 PM PST and goes until about 11 AM PST. Chaotic Resonance focuses on ambient dreamy surreal soundscapes of light and dark waves of beautiful art for enhanced dreamtime, meditations, daily life routines, creative writing and as "music to art to". Make of it what you will and enjoy the ride. 5500 ambient songs from around the world on shuffle!

The other 50%: Chaos mode begins about 11 AM PST and goes until about 11 PM PST. Anything goes! Plus special events: I sometimes get on the mic as well between about 5 and 11 PM PST and share stories or discuss the art in question a bit along the way. Contact me through however we normally chat to make a request from my 22,500 songs on my playlist (as of April 2017). Share this page with your friends!

Possible syndication: I am open to well established professional radio networks borrowing my stream with my written permission who have more than 15 listeners who take this rare art and my professional skills seriously. Just keep in mind Chaotic Resonance is a free speech zone :>

As heard on...

...the walking Giraffe.

*** MUSICIANS *** To submit your music to the station:

1. Convert your sound files to MP3s using at least 192 kbps playback sample rate. 128 and 160 kbps will not be played. Wave files are too large and treated as incomplete projects - make your own MP3s.

2. Tag your MP3s with 'Artist' 'Title' 'Album name' 'Year of release', etc. (Please try to use A-Z and 0-9 only - odd characters will not display properly and your song might not be played)

3. Zip groups of short tracks of 4 minutes or less into larger groupings of 5-7 songs totaling about 15-30 minutes of material. Do not zip tracks longer than 20 minutes as that defeats the purpose of easier UL & DL in the next step. Tracks longer than 65 minutes might be 'too large' for this service. If so, reduce sample rate to 192 if larger than that and re-try.

4. Go to Click on Upload. You do NOT need an email address or to 'log in' to use this FREE service. Just upload each file you've created and it'll give you a link once each one is done. Send Space is the best free service you can get currently with zero complications, no memberships required, no sign-ups needed and nothing to 'install'!

5. Save each link you get (in a text file) once each file is uploaded.

6. Contact me directly and offer me your links (copy links from notepad and paste into chat or email, simple). Links only last 7 days and for a few downloads. You can also delete them once you are sure I have all your files. You can also share your links with anyone else at the same time or post anywhere public that you like. :>

Another option is to use your artist account to create a page that's not public, set the album to "free download" and then share that link with me directly in private for a limited time. Be creative but make it easy for me to get your sounds on my station. :>

“The hermit’s journey” (phase three) features classic and modern electronic soundscapes, darkwave dungeon music, ambient atmospheres, floating heavenly meditations, space-tribe world beat, trances and drones, hardcore cyberpunk beats, experimental surrealism, electroacoustic sound studies, glitches and static, grating noise art and lo-fi minimalism. You won’t find any mainstream music here – here be dragons! DJ`Reptoid brings you music from other dimensions that are as challenging as they are fulfilling. These “Alien soundtracks” are truly surreal soundscapes for your dreams, visions, midnight lucubrations and creative moments in life. This extremely RARE radio show is worth exploring with a wise trail guide who has spent his whole life collecting these rare landscapes through direct support of and a personal connection with many of these composers in order to present them to you on your journey.

The journey of the hermit is a personal one that only each individual can experience themselves on a purely subjective level. No other being can experience your path for you or tell you where to travel on your unique and individual quest for personal enlightenment and fulfillment. Yours is the solitary path of your own choosing through the direct experience of personal exploration. The depth of your quest is up to you alone to chose. Dare you face your own shadows and walk with the gods? What strange worlds might be encountered here in this surreal inner landscape? Personal transformation through awareness and enlightenment and the transcendence to a higher understanding of the world you inhabit are gifts to enjoy and use wisely as the hermit walks forward on their quest for truth. It is not an easy road to travel for it is fraught with shadows that you must face alone in order to conquer them, but the rewards found along the way are fantastic mysterious jewels unlike any other experienced in any other realm. This radio show and its art is a possible soundtrack for your individual and most personal quest.

DJ`Reptoid also features news reports of the paranormal to the brutally honest and often ‘politically incorrect’ from around the world. (Those who know him know to expect this, as well as the value of well presented truths, uncensored) We hope to be able to accept LIVE calls from guests through Skype for random chats about the music as well as your claims, referenced news reports and follow-ups to past presentations, much like how he runs his private global paranormal news network (freelance investigative journalism, 25 years strong). If you are fans of the original “Art Bell” Coast to coast AM radio show, you’ll definitely want to tune in regularly for the news portion of each program. (Yes, DJ`Reptoid has strong opinions just like Art always did – no surprise there).

Past history: The hermit’s journey originally aired in Vancouver BC Canada on CFRO 102.7 FM radio Thursday nights at 11 pm for 2 hours on a weekly basis, sometimes running through the entire night until 6 am. The program was alive for only one year in 1996, but previous co-hosting productions and shared library resources predate The journey of the hermit which span many years and incarnations all the way back to 1986 when Reptoid first joined the original CFRO radio network in Vancouver BC Canada, and later became a part of the “Alien Soundtracks” team by 1987. Of course there was a period (phase two) when DJ`Reptoid cast a digital internet stream to a small select group of friends for a while, but it was nothing like the original show.

You ask me: “Who are you, DJ`Reptoid?”

I reply to you: “Is your sense of identity based upon your true will, your conscious choices in living YOUR life, or upon what society has programmed you to be through the default of mass homogeneous social acceptance? Is your choice to be free, to be “yourself” as an individual, a retaliation to this absurd society, a reaction based upon anger towards others for your being what they call “a social outcast”, or are you truly being who you really are deep inside yourself no matter what others think of you? Have you spent time alone with yourself in deep meditation to ask yourself these questions? Have you heard the answers that your heart quietly sang in response to being considered in your self-activation, a song often suppressed by the roaring of your own mind’s worries and fears implanted by this homogeneous, bland, depressed society? Have you done all this before asking me your questions so that you would understand my answers? If you have done all this, then perhaps you will understand who I am, because you already fully understand who you are. Perhaps we are different in personal choices, yet the same in truth and honour.”

Personal activities: Presently, DJ`Reptoid lives in Vancouver BC. His career and abilities are very diverse and include writing as a well known freelance investigative journalist (25 years) who is well versed in paranormal research – Audio engineering (top grad from Columbia academy in 1992 after which he worked alongside Nettwerk artists such as Sarah McLachlan and Skinny Puppy, for about 1.5 years), radio show producer (CFRO: Thee hermit’s journey, Ether patrol (co-producer), Alien soundtracks (co-host)) and is a very eccentric aural sculptor (aka: audio artist and remix designer). DJ`Reptoid is a researcher, philosopher, community developer, founder of a Hemp-Ethanol alternative fuel corporation and empathetic BDSM lifestyle peer counselor. DJ`Reptoid is comfortably 100% bisexual and polyamorous (just like the dolphin), a vegetarian, a progressive nudist, politically active and is an ordained Pagan minister (ULC) of many years in the world of Magick and is a known psychic (very handy as an investigator).

Blessings and enjoy.

DJ Reptoid.

DJ contact address: Reptoid (at) hotmail (dot) com - Proper use of subject line strongly recommended as I get a lot of spam. I am VERY busy and am more likely to respond to formal letters of 2 or 3 paragraphs that are well written than brief comments, depending on my time and interest, thanks for your understanding.

Raven says I see you!

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