October 18 2017

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What is Audio Phenomena? Classic definition: Recordings of paranormal activity which are at first inaudible to the human ear but later upon playback are present and often responsive to the questions asked by the recordist. Our use of the term: As a reflection of the above statement: Recordings which are released by us that contain qualities which redefine genres of audio art and non-traditional music. Who are Audio Phenomena? Purple Crow originally founded Audio Phenomena in 1984 during his early years of audio production. Fellow sonic explorer, “TJ” joined him on a quest to redefine what 'music' actually was. Two full length 90 minute cassette tapes were 'released' throughout their educational facility in 1984 and 1985 with fantastic mixed reviews. In 1986, after a live FM radio presentation of their unique works were aired, comparisons were made to other pre-existing artists to which they'd never heard before but now enjoyed the works of. Purple's cohort, depressed about the apparent 'impossibility' of said mission, left Audio Phenomena to play drums for a reggae band. An experimental re-birth of the project transpired throughout 1992 to 1996 where several 75 minute and a couple 40 minute cassette tapes were released and sold through the short lived “Boom CDs” music store. Much air play was heard on CFRO 102.7 FM community radio station throughout Vancouver BC and nationally throughout Canada through CBC. Several cassettes were sold. Again the reviews were perfectly mixed between both positive and negative results. Starting up once again in 2010, Purple Crow began reprocessing selected works along with new systems which were established in order to redefine genres that he fully enjoyed. Recently there have been a couple releases which have gained fantastic mixed reviews which have both pleased and challenged listeners, including many established artists and recording companies. Two of note include “StarK” and “Remote 1”. Note: To participate in these particular experiments please review the Band Camp material provided. At the time of writing of this report, Purple Crow is working on 4 other sonic explorations currently, one of which attacks and mutilates further the no longer available cassettes from the 1990's era. Others include sonic anomalies which may be defined as 'darkwave', 'ambient', 'noise' and perhaps even 'experimental', but such terms will prove once again to be in vain. Audio Phenomena is open to considering the works of other artists for possible release after review. Audio Phenomena is currently assisted by the visual artist, Skie. Other research projects currently established in relationship to Audio Phenomena include the Vancouver Phonographers Colective (VPC). Further information regarding the activities of the VPC can be found elsewhere throughout these reports. Further study – A deeper exploration and defining of these experiments: Questions: Why is art so intensely subjective? Is familiarity the only reason art/music appears to be 'pleasurable'? Can these views be shifted? What time-frames are involved? Background Research: (See above notes) Hypothesis: All sounds are a form of art, you just have to become an active listener rather than a passive one. The less common and even the 'distasteful' can become most desired once a paradigm shift within the subjective participant takes place. Study: There is often more detail and less patterning in musical forms such as 'music concrete' and audio surrealism – so much so that the average listener 'has trouble' identifying what they are listening to as 'music' at all. To this end we suggest realizing that it is not the beats and patterns to which define good music, but the fine details between these rhythmical sounds which hold the listner's attention. If only the patterns of music truly mattered then an infinite loop of one measure from a drum machine would qualify as the world's best song, but no one agrees on this. The refined details extracted from between what most listeners think of as 'musical form' (beat, melody, lyrics) are the only aspects which contain the unique fingerprint of each artist. True art rests beyond the formalities and restrictive shallowness of 'pop music'. Recent experiments: Creating new genres while redefining pre-existing ones has been a challenge, although the success of both "Star K" and "Remote 1" have been fruitful. Current developments: "Zero context" is currently being experimented on. Further results will be reported on at a later date. Analysis: The quality of mixed reviews from peer groups along with the general public has been great. It appears that some participants can shift their paradigm easily while others only need more time in which to do so. Those participants who have as yet been unable to shift their paradigm are as fascinating to study as the afore mentioned due to the quality of data ongoing. Results: This website is perhaps somewhat self-explanatory. Audio Phenomena and Purple Crow are pleased to report these assorted successes and further study shall be ongoing.