From: Robert Rich To: Purple Crow (Audio Phenomena) Date: September-16-12 2:36:27 PM These are beautiful recordings. Thank you for sharing. I love the reverb you picked up in that location. Forest acoustics are always very interesting to me. You might be happy to know that my upcoming album "Nest" uses recordings I made in Australia throughout the album. It's in manufacturing right now, I should have copies in a couple weeks. ------- From: Sarah Cordingley (CITR FM Radio) To: Purple Crow (Audio Phenomena) Date: September-24-14 3:52:12 PM Thanks for getting in touch. Would you be able to send us a physical copy of your album? Address is in my signature below. I believe Bepi Crespan Presents (I will forward your email to him) and Pop Drones ( would be the best shows to reach out to. We also celebrate "Art's Birthday" in January with 24 hours of radio art. Is that something you might be interested in participating in? We tend to try for things that are more Radio Art than just sound/audio art--as in they use the specifics of the medium of broadcast radio. We're always looking for folks to create interesting content! Thanks, Sarah C From: Bepi Crespan (CITR FM Radio) To: Purple Crow (Audio Phenomena) Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2014 11:11:11 -0600 Subject: Purple Crow On UBC Radio CITR FM 101.9 FM Hello Purple Crow, Would you please send me a link to your material as I have auditioned selections on your Bandcamp page and would very much like to promote on my program. Thank you, Bepi Blog: In The News: -crespan-presents-on-citr-radio/ From: Bepi Crespan (CITR FM Radio) To: Purple Crow (Audio Phenomena) Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2015 22:35:12 -0700 Subject: Purple Crow on 24 HOURS OF RADIO ART on CITR FM 101.9 Hello Rev. Purple Crow, I am planning to play some of your material on this year's 24 HOURS OF RADIO ART on CITR FM 101.9 No different than most of my regular programming, I suppose. It's good to see / hear other programmers push boundaries too! Ciao! Bepi Blog: In The News: -crespan-presents-on-citr-radio/ ------- From: Stefan of Drone Records To: Purple Crow (Audio Phenomena) Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2014 17:29:08 +0000 Hi Purple Crow, thanks for your message & sorry for delay, glad you got the pack fine & the promo cdr playing! Checked some of your tracks and really liked what I hear, if you need help with distro let me know, can always offer to take some copies on consignment. Best drones (best to write me to: directly) Stefan ------- From: Alexis Bhagat To: Purple Crow (Audio Phenomena) Date: November-29-14 3:58:17 PM Dear Purple Crow! Hi. I am loving "Remote 1". Thanks for sharing! I just came back from Vancouver. I wish I had known about you sooner. It would have been nice to meet up. We went for a symposium at the Surrey Art Gallery, in relation to their "Sonorous Kingdom" exhibition. My wife has an installation there called "Cricket Tree Crow". It's up till January 4th. Please go check it out. Best wishes Alexis ------- From: Doug Haire To: Purple Crow (Audio Phenomena) Date: November-30-14 10:58:10 AM Hey, this is Doug Haire from the Seattle Photographers Union. I do an hour long live to disc studio performance show every week on KEXP. Any interest in getting the group down to Seattle for a performance? All shows prerecorded on saturday nights. -d More information about Sonarchy: 0=38697-1&256=38697-2 ------- From: Jeff Pearce (Jeff Pearce Music) To: Purple Crow (Audio Phenomena) Date: December-28-14 4:50:16 AM Thanks for the reply- and what a collection you have in Remote One! These are some unbelievably recorded "field recordings", and it's a shame to call them that, because there's a lot of "naturally occurring music" in these- especially "market trends" and "the underground". Unbelievable- VERY WELL DONE! I'm looking forward to checking out Stark (Star K). Thanks again for the reply! Jeff -------

January 19 2015

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